10 benefits that orgasm brings to your health and well being.

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  • In this post we present to you, 10 healthy reasons for wanting to reach the much talked orgasm during your relationships.

    01- Orgasm Keeps your blood flowing:

    Orgasms increase your circulation, keep your blood flowing in your genital area and keep your skin healthy!

    02- Orgasm is a delicious cardiac exercise:

    Having an orgasm is a cardiovascular exercise activity. “Your heart rate increases, your blood pressure also increases your breathing rate.”
    In addition, your body also releases endorphins. It can be considered an alternative to daily exercise.

    03- Orgasm Raises Your Mood:

    Do you feel depressed? An orgasm may be just what you need to get up. During orgasm your cup releases hormones like endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin. All three of these hormones have “mood-enhancing effects.” In fact, dopamine is the same hormone that is released when people take some drugs – or eat something really delicious.

    04- Orgasm Helps Sleep:

    A little pleasure may be the solution to a good night’s rest. A survey of 1,800 women revealed that over 30% of them used sexual release as a natural sedative. And it worked!

    05- Orgasm Keeps Your Brain Healthy:

    Having an orgasm not only works your heart but also your head.
    Orgasms actually nourish the brain with more oxygen.
    “Functional magnetic resonance imaging shows that women’s brains use much more oxygen than normal during orgasm.”

    06- Orgasm is a natural pain reliever:

    Research has shown that orgasm can help relieve certain pains, ie it reduces migraines and menstrual cramps.
    According to researchers, the contractions that make up an orgasm can actually work to evacuate blood clots during the menstrual period by decreasing the intensity and timing of cramps. (So ​​now you know what to do next time you have a pain.)

    07- Orgasm Relieves Stress:

    Most of our days are so hectic that it’s hard to even imagine how to be relaxed.
    However, we know that sexual release of hormones can work as a stress reliever. Not only do hormones help with this task. Being sexually active also pauses a break: “When we are stressed. When we have sex we are forced to think of only one thing at a time. ”

    08- Orgasm Makes Your Skin Shine:

    The hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), which increases levels during arousal, can really make your skin glow healthier.

    09- Having orgasm Improves your emotional health:

    Last but not least, when you know what it takes to have an orgasm, you can increase your emotional confidence and intelligence. “When you understand how your body works and is capable of pleasure on its own, you are able to make better decisions in relationships.”

    10- Having an orgasm is simply great:

    This 10th topic doesn’t even need explanations. It’s just good and that’s it.

    Essa matéria também está disponível em Português.

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