14 Characteristics of the Children of Orixá Nanã

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  • The Children of Nanã: Many people look for information about the characteristics of the son of a particular orisha. In this post, I bring you some things about…

    The Children of Nanã

    Nanan’s sons are very calm people, and very slow.
    They like children.
    They always look older.

    They are usually grouchy and spiteful people who keep everything.
    They are good, determined, friendly people. `
    People who when they leave they miss them a lot.

    Sometimes, however, it requires attention and respect that you deem due but not obtained from those around you.
    He cannot understand how people make certain trivial mistakes, how they opt for certain outlets that for a Nanan son are evidently inappropriate.

    He is the kind of person who cannot properly understand the opinions of others, nor accept that not everyone thinks the same way.
    Their well-balanced reactions and the appropriateness of decisions always keep them on the path to wisdom and justice.

    All these data also indicate that the children of Nanã, a little more conservative than the rest of society, want to return to past situations, ways of life that are already gone.

    They want a predictable, stable or even backward world: they are those who complain about space travel, new customs, new morality, and so on.
    As for physical data, these are people who age quickly, looking older than they really are.

    She doesn’t have much sense of humor, which makes her value too many small incidents and turn small problems into big dramas.
    At the same time, it has a great capacity for understanding the human being, as if it were much older than his own existence.
    Because of this factor, forgiveness for those who err and comfort for those who are suffering is a natural skill.

    Nanã, through her saint-children, lives toward the community, always trying to fulfill the wants and needs of others.

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