7 tips not to be fooled by heroes of election eve

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  • Are the elections coming? So, you probably already have contact with such a “hero” and haven’t noticed it yet.
    Many should not notice, but as the election year approaches, “heroes” are available to solve all the problems that exist.

    These “heroes” appear sneakily, like wolves in sheep’s clothing engaging in struggles and agendas of the population, COMMUNITY, or a specific category of WORKERS with mind-boggling solutions whose victory will only come with their contribution to the causes.

    How do these election heroes act:

    They don’t usually talk about politics (many even say they are against any kind of politics) and they are planting ideas, garnering followers and manipulating people.
    They are contrary to everything out there, because they say they are different from the others and therefore deserve the trust of all.

    But as the electoral processes begin to define themselves, the “heroes” who until a while were opposed to politics say they realize that without it they will not be able to put all the necessary ideas into practice and will need their support to overcome the bad guys. achieve the promised improvements.

    At this time, some become candidates while others come to support the candidacy of someone who promises to fight with you on the causes of “heroes”.

    When you realize, you are already politically involved in a cause that was noble, but eventually became electoral militancy for a “former hero” and current candidate for any office.

    But how can we escape these pitfalls, as these “heroes” work all the time with manipulation and only at the last minute reveal their real political intentions?

    The tips are very simple:

    • Do not follow anyone blindly;
    • Always question;
    • Worry about the origin of these heroes;
    • Make sure this “hero” really belongs to the community or category he wants to represent;
    • Pay close attention to your speech, your actions, and your ideas;
    • Make sure the “solutions” proposed by these “heroes” are really feasible and possible.
    • Do not be enchanted by any magnificent proposition that only they can help you to conquer.

    A very striking feature of these “heroes” is that they destabilize already formed groups by dividing them to create their own manipulable group.

    Stay tuned as the election year is right there and the heroes may already be in your contacts, groups, social networks and even at home and work.


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