Anitta's Biography reveals its intimate relationship with candomblé in Brazil

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Anitta's Biography reveals its intimate relationship with candomblé in Brazil
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One of the agendas of the Morning Show program, which is broadcast on the Jovem Pam Brasilian Radio and aired on Jan. 9, 2019, revealed some “spoilers” of the biography of the singer Anitta.

The biography that should be first launched at the Municipal school where the singer studied, in Honório Gurgel (suburb of Rio de Janeiro), tells things like crap with celebrities, among other stories about the singer.

In addition, the Fefito participant Of the JP Morning Show, said that the biography of Anitta also reveals that the singer has an intimate relationship with Candomblé in a terreiro of Nova Iguaçu.

The same commented that the relationship of the singer is so intimate with Candomblé, that she has already spent a week in her “Terreiro” in Nova Iguaçu (a city in the State of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil).

The relationship would be so strong that “back and a half” she isolates herself for a week and listens to the advice of her babalorixá who opines even in the clothes and in the titles of the songs.

This book about Anitta has already been released and is available on Amazon. See details below:

See the video of the program below:

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