Evangelical nudism divides opinions among Christians

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You may never have heard, but it seems that the evangelical nudism exists and is dividing opinions between those who support and those who are against the practice here in Brazil.

One of the discussions on the subject was caused by a matter published by the “Gospelmais”website, which ended up viralizing on social networks.

The story titled “Evangelical Nudism grows and spreads through Brazil”, it is somewhat old (04/14), but this seems not to import the critics and supporters of the practice of Christian naturism.

In it the site explains that the practice of nudism has grown among evangelicals, but not only in the places destined to social encounters without clothing, such as beaches, for example, but also in temples, during the cults, in meetings of Bible reading and prayer.

According to the content of the article, people calling themselves “Christian naturists” say that evangelical nudism did not arise in Brazil, but it would have come here, spread and organized in communities, and held meetings on beaches dedicated to nudism.

Apparently, the supporters of the evangelical nudism, are a group of Christians from different churches who discovered in naturist practice a form of personal development, of deeper communion or, in some cases, only a healthy Leisure option.

They explain that, like Christianity, naturism is also not restricted to specific social groups, being composed of people from different professions, schooling levels, age brackets and social classes.

The justification for supporting the movement is that sin resides in intent.
Just because a person doesn’t like to wear clothes doesn’t mean she doesn’t have God in her heart.
Immoral is what makes it dirty with the body.

Still according to the matter, the practice has been spread even through videos, with adherence to Pentecostal churches and supporters say they feel the presence of God in the meetings.

Source: Site Gospelmais (gospelmais.com.br)

In the networks and news sites, both evangelical and non-evangelical, opinions on the subject are divided, some agree with the practice and affirm that they would even participate in the movement, and others are completely opposed and ensure that the movement Contrary to Christian teachings.

What about you huh? What is your opinion about evangelical nudism?
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