Health professionals ask for care in the disposal of masks / PPE

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  • A good part of the population is aware and in addition to preserving their health, they also care about the health of others. However, there are some people who simply ignore the needs of others and only think about their own.

    With this, the cleaning professionals, street sweeper and workers of recyclable products end up suffering from neglect.

    This is happening in most cities where some people without conscience are throwing gloves and masks on the streets or in the dumps anyway.

    We must be aware that these professionals are there working to meet everyone’s needs and we must AT LEAST show RESPECT to them.

    On the streets of some neighborhoods you can find all kinds of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), simply abandoned on the streets, sidewalks, gardens, etc…

    We will alert everyone to the danger that all professionals who work for our well-being are being exposed.

    How to dispose of masks / EPI’s correctly?

    Remove carefully:

    Be careful not to get contaminated when removing gloves and mask for disposal.

    Place inside a plastic bag:

    After removing the PPE’s, carefully place them in a plastic bag or bag and tie them to prevent them from falling out.

    Throw in the trash:

    After removing, bagging and tying the PPE’s in a plastic bag, throw it in the trash.

    Contribute to everyone’s safety by simply placing your gloves, masks and other PPE in a plastic bag before disposing of it in the trash.

    This is a very important message and it’s worth it to BE TRANSMITTED TO THE WHOLE POPULATION!

    #Share, and let’s form this chain of good!

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