How to build a mousetrap and catch dozens of mice at once

Published in: 12 de September de 2020 - Seen 1840 times.

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  • Build an easy super mousetrap at home that catches dozens of mice at once.

    Rats are a very dangerous pest, as they transmit diseases that can be deadly to humans and even other animals.

    Rats can be responsible for transmitting more than 40 diseases, including Rabies , Leptospirosis , Bubonic plague , Mycoses , rat bite fever , Sarnas and many others.

    In this post, I will teach you how to make a quick , practical and inexpensive trap to capture dozens of mice in one time.

    This homemade mousetrap will help you put an end to the plague of mice in your home, shop, land and so on.

    Material needed:

    • A bucket (preferably plastic);
    • A piece of cardboard;
    • Glue (hot or cold);
    • A piece of wire;
    • A piece of tape;
    • Bait (grains, bread, biscuit, or anything that catches the rodents’ attention).

    After having all these items in hand, follow the procedures shown in the video below and you’re done.

    You will have a super trap for mice ( mousetrap ) that will trap dozens of mice at once.

    See how the super mousetrap works in the video below:

    About the author:

    This entry was posted on 12 de September de 2020 by Alexandre Santos.
    Web3 Enthusiast, Digital Artist, Programmer and Brazilian Survivor.

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