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  • About the Brazilian herbs bath: Many people have questions about how to do a simple herbal bath.

    Sometimes we feel the need to clear our spirits or attract things, and for that the baths are very good.

    There is no correct formula for everything, but I’ll pass it on to you the way I do and it always works out:

    The crushed herbs bath:

    The crushed herbs bath:

    Wash the leaves, put in a bowl or bucket of water halfway, put the leaves in and rub with your hands as if you were doing laundry.

    Scrub until the leaves are well crushed and the water with plenty of herbal juice. Let it sit for a while, (about half an hour before you take a shower).

    No need to play the bath with all those little bits of herbs you can strain. Then place the herbs that have been strained into a bush or potted plant.

    Throw the bath from head to toe.

    There are some baths that are from the neck down, usually the discharge ones, as they are very strong, this is not to affect the “ori” of the person.

    With this “crushed” bath form, you get 100% of the herb’s life energy because it has not gone through any other process, but the other bath forms are also very good and effective.

    There are herbs like rosemary, skirt and some others that are very difficult to crush, when this happens you can use a modern blender yourself.
    Put the herbs, a little water. Beat well, then mix more water and strain. Take the shower normally.

    Another way for you to prepare the baths is to make a tea or to speak more beautifully “herbal infusion”.

    Herbs Bath: The herbal infusion

    How to do Brazilian Herbs Bath

    You can use the dried herbs.
    Put water in the fire, when it is very hot, before boiling turn off the fire.
    Put the dried herbs into the pan and cover.
    Leave it to cool, then strain and bathe normally.

    NOTE: What is left of the herbs put in some lawn or potted plant.

    Herbs baths to remove evil

    When things are bad, I like to take a few flush baths for a few days straight to clean well, followed by the same days of prosperity baths.

    Author’s opinion: I don’t like to take a salt bath. He is very strong, takes away both negative and positive energies.

    For unloading you can take rue baths, beat everything, beat demand, soft fire, mastic, hose, untie knot, among other herbs.
    If you want to take a bath to attract prosperity, you can use cinnamon, fennel, cologne, open path, lift, macaçá, among others.

    NOTE: Each herb is good for something, but not all of them can be used for bathing as they serve other purposes.

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