Meet the Brazilian Exus Catiços – (part 1)

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  • A very common question is not knowing the difference from exú catiço, to exú orixá… so come on:

    Exú orixá, Exú bara:


    Cultured in the candomblés, Exú is son of Iemanjá and brother of Ogun and Oxossi. Of the three, he is the most agitated, cunning, intelligent, inventive, lazy and cheerful. He is the one who makes up stories, creates cases.

    The word “Exu” means, in Yoruba, “sphere”, that which is infinite, which has no beginning and no end.
    Exu is the beginning of everything, the force of creation, the birth, the negative equilibrium of the universe, which does not mean a bad thing.
    Exu is the mater cell of the generation of life, which generates infinity, infinite times.

    It is considered the first, the firstborn, the responsible and great master of the ways, which allows the passage the beginning of everything.
    Exu is the living natural force that underpins growth.
    It is the first step in everything.
    It is the generator of what exists, what existed and what will still exist.

    There are many confusions and misconceptions related to Exu, the worst of them associates him with the figure of the Christian devil, they paint him as a god turned to evil, to wickedness, who would be busy sowing discord among humans.
    In fact, Exu contains within itself all the contradictions and conflicts inherent in the human being.

    Exu is neither totally good nor totally bad, just like man: He is a being capable of loving and hating, uniting and separating, promoting peace and war.

    Manichaeism, characteristic of the great monotheistic religions, does not apply to Candomblé, much less to Exu.

    African culture is unaware of oppositions, especially the opposition between good and evil. It is known here that the good of one can perfectly be the evil of the other, so each must do his best to obtain all the best in his life, always worshiping, pleasing, and thanking Exu for it to be, in their daily life, the manifestation of love, luck, wealth and prosperity.

    Exu is the owner of the market, its keeper, so every trader and those dealing with selling should please Exu.

    I think now you can really know what Exú Bara, Exú orixá is. To learn more about Exus Catiços, read part 2 of this post.

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