Orkut is back and already has thousands of members in Brazil

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Orkut is back and already has thousands of members in Brazil
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If you were born after 2004, you probably don’t know, but Orkut was one of the most famous social networks of the time and it may be responsible for the popularization of these networks in Brazil, since it was created initially to have members only from United States, but the majority of users ended up being from Brazil and India.

Although Orkut was affiliated with the giant Google, the social network had a relatively short life, as it ended in September 2014, just ten years after its creation.

The return of Orkut “orkut br”

Currently many people are talking about the great return of this nostalgic network and that its return can even compromise the growth of large companies like Facebook here in Brazil. But this is not quite so.

Orkut really came back (at least the way you connect with friends, send and receive messages, testimonials, enter communities, see who posted your profile and etc …), because the version released (orkut br) is being developed by a fan who in his honor is recreating Orkut from scratch, seeking to use the same tools and design as the original website.

Right on the first page, the creator makes it very clear that orkut br is not linked to Google and is not the same site as orkut.com, and if your intention is to access the old social network affiliated with Google, this will not be possible.

Although you cannot access your old orkut.com account, you can recreate it by adding your friends, sending messages, testimonials, participating in communities and etc …

Similarities of Orkut.com and Orkut br

Orkut login

When you access the Orkut br page, you immediately have the impression that you are actually entering orkut.com, since your login page is very similar, with only minor differences such as some warnings about the new version.

Login: Similaridades do Orkut.com e Orkut br

Your Orkut profile

On the Orkut br homepage, the similarities are even more evident, since the layout and information about your profile, friends and communities are in the same positions and we also have the icons of messages, photos, videos, fans and message.

In addition we have one of the most successful items on orkut.com which were the views of your profile and the recent visitors that shows who has been “gossiping your profile” recently.
And as it could not fail to have, the “Luck of the day” is also present.
You can also find the application area where we used to play Happy Harvest, BuddyPoke and others.

Perfil: Similaridades do Orkut.com e Orkut br

Communities on Orkut

Communities have always been a differential on Orkut.com and are also present on Orkut br with the same layout and layout of elements such as panel of members, related communities, forum polls and events.

Comunidade: Similaridades do Orkut.com e Orkut br

By the way, if you are already, or will be part of Orkut br, don’t forget to join our Portal10 community at the link: https://www.orkut.br.com/MainCommunity?cmm=71919 .

Do you want to be part of Orkut br? Click Here .

Did you know orkut.com? Leave your opinion and expectations about Orkut br in the comments below.

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