The man’s prenatal care

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  • The man’s prenatal care

    Male prenatal care is already a reality in Brazilian National health policies, but a part of the population and even health professionals do not understand how well this is done in practice and what it serves.

    The idea is that health professionals are prepared to bring the companions of pregnant women to routine exams as well, as this is an important step in combating many diseases.

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    Just as the pregnant women are subjected to a battery of exams to assess their health conditions, the same happens with their companions.

    This ends up being also a way to stimulate man to worry more about his health.

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    How does the prenatal of man

    In practice, the prenatal care of man is to invite the companion of all pregnant women in prenatal care to perform some routine exams.

    Some of these exams are rapid tests with an hourly result such as serology for hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure.

    This is quite necessary, because it is no use to take care only of the mother of the baby and risk letting it be contaminated by the partner.

    In this male prenatal care, man should also have the vaccination portfolio updated.

    Patients should also be instructed about risk and prevention of sexually transmitted infections and on the attention that men should have with the prostate, for example.

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