This is how Vote buying votes begins: Want to win a candy?

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  • Are you really against buying votes in elections? I invite you for a brief reflection on this subject that seems to be controversial only during election times.

    Yesterday I was browsing my social networks until I came across an image that made me think about it, not directly, but after reading some of the hundreds of comments that were written on it.

    The photo in question was of what appears to be the interior of a passenger app service car (UBER, 99 or something like that), with a paper taped to the back of the driver’s seat for the passenger see.

    And on that paper was written in Brazilian Portuguese:

    Quer ganhar um delicioso chocolate garoto?

    Ao final da corrida, na frente do motorista, avalie com 5 estrelas, aí é só escolher o seu bombom!

    Translating into English:

    Want to win a delicious chocolate “Garoto”?

    At the end of the race, in front of the driver, rate with 5 stars, then just choose your bonbon!

    I don’t know if it was a joke or not, but what surprised me was the amount of people supporting the app driver who would have pasted the sign on his work vehicle saying he would definitely accept the offer , because it was free, it cost nothing, etc, and etc…

    Very few people have noticed that carrying out this type of negotiation / exchange is very similar to buying and selling votes during elections.

    See the photo cited below:

    buying votes

    Noticed the similarity with: If you vote for me I’ll give you a job, or a food basket or a lump sum of money?

    The responsible company created this evaluation system, precisely to reward good professionals and not so that they buy good evaluations with money, gifts, etc…

    But what can go wrong?

    Do you know what ONE of the consequences of supporting this type of “business” can be?

    Simply the quality of service can drop and the same people who exchanged the 5 stars for a candy, will want to complain about the system, but will never admit that it’s their fault that they used the system to give and receive benefits inappropriately hampering the smooth running of it and its users.

    Have you ever wondered if fashion catches on and you find posters like this in stores, government offices and essential services department? To have a good service, or gain a treat, you must first speak well about the company, service provider or employees.

    It may seem silly, but corruption starts with small deals and is intensifying in a silent and growing manner.

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