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  • About game hints and commands GTA Multiplayer RP MTA: Popularly known as Poor Five M:

    First of all, as was said in the GTA Multiplayer RP SA-MP , although the game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas was created to play alone, it is possible to have a Multiplayer experience using one of two programs (Mods), third parties: The Sa-Mp and/or the MTA, however “Newbies” can have a lot of difficulties with the useful and basic commands due to the lack of tutorials available.

    The reason for this is that there is no standardization of these commands since those responsible for the servers can include, modify and end up leaving each server with a different command system, with a few very few exceptions.

    So, to start this post, I’m going to show you some of the standard commands (which I’ve identified on all the servers I’ve tested).

    Standard keys / commands of GTA Multiplayer MTA:

    • Key M – Enable mouse pointer;
    • Key Z – Press to speak and release to mute;
    • Key C – Lower;
    • Key F11 – Opens the Map;
    • Key T – Opens the text box;
    • Shift Key – Skip
    • On some servers the commands /pcruim and /antilag help fight crashes.

    In a vehicle in GTA Multiplayer MTA:

    • Key W – Move forward;
    • Key S – Move backward (Reverse);
    • Key Space – Brake;
    • Key Fixed – Horn;

    Now, given the customizations of each server, I’ll try to show a little of the keys and commands used in the MTA EZ EliteZone Roleplay server:

    Tutorial / Commands of GTA Multiplayer MTA – Five M of poor

    MTA EZ EliteZone Roleplay Server General Keys:

    • F1 – Open mobile: Call SAMU, Police, location, transfer money, location and etc…
    • F3 – Show your account details, vehicles and settings.
    • F8 – Opens the message console.
    • TAB – Shows players online.
    • B – Opens your inventory (backpack).

    MTA EZ EliteZone Roleplay Server Trivia:

    Oddly enough, at the time I wrote this article, the server had only one unified hunger and thirst system. It doesn’t matter whether you eat or drink that you recover your energy anyway.

    Server Information used as an example:

    Name: EZ EliteZone [1] Roleplay in Portuguese [RP / FIVE M} NQBHost
    Game Mode: RP
    Max Players: 300
    Link direct: mtasa://

    Do you know any cool servers? Want to share your tip with us? Use the feedback form below.


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