You may be with CHIKUNGUNYA and you don't even know

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You may be with CHIKUNGUNYA and you don't even know
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Did you know you can have chicungunha (chikungunya) and not even suspect?

This can happen because the symptoms of chicungunha (chikungunya) can be confused with those of common illnesses such as flu and cold.

Most importantly, at the slightest sign, look for a Health Unit.

Treatment is free at SUS (Brazilian Health System) and should be started as soon as possible.

Learn more about symptoms, causes, and combat at

The most common symptoms of chicungunha (chikungunya) are:

  • Headache;
  • Red spots on the skin;
  • Fever;

Joint pain of:

  • foot,
  • hands
  • fingers
  • ankles
  • and wrists

The danger is for everyone.


Source: Ministry of Health / Brazil

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