7 Characteristics of Shango Sons

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  • The children of SHANGO

    It is very easy to recognize a son of Shango only by his physical structure, because his body is always very strong, with a reasonable amount of fat, pointing to his tendency to obesity, but his good bone build supports his overweight physique.

    With a strong dose of energy and self-esteem, the children of Shango are aware that they are important and respectable, so when giving their opinion is to definitely close the matter.

    His posture is always noble, with the dignity of a king. They are always accompanied by large entourages; although they are never alone, loneliness is one of their stigmata.

    They are consciously unable to be unfair to anyone, but a certain selfishness is part of their archetype. They are extremely austere (not to mention sovine), so it is no coincidence that Shango dances with his hand closed.

    They like the power and knowledge that are the great objects of their vanity.

    They are vigorous lovers, one person does not just satisfy a son of Shango. Poor women whose husbands are from Shango. A son of Shango is always surrounded by many women, whether his lovers or his helpers, in the case of rulers, businessmen and even babalorixás, but the tendency is that those who decide by his side are always men.

    Shango’s children are obstinate, act strategically and get what they want. Everything that marks their presence in some way, makes a point of living alongside many people and is terrified of being forgotten, because, always present in everyone’s memory, they know that they will continue to live after their ‘strategic retreat’.

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