About old blacks: from the Umbanda religion in Brazil

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  • Here in Brazil, we celebrate on May 13, the day when Princess Isabel signed the liberation of slaves and from this day (the abolition of slavery), began the day of the Old Black (Pretos Velhos).
    So far so good, nothing new about that, is it?

    But what many people do not remember is that in this line of souls that we affectionately call “Old Blacks”, there are a multitude of hard-working, very enlightened spirits who are not so black and not so old.

    For those who do not know, in this line of souls also work Wizards, Magicians, Pagés, ancient doctors, midwives knowledgeable of herbs and many other spirits who have identified with this line of work.

    A Witch well known to everyone is “Pai Cipriano” and just like him there are a multitude of spirits.

    Souls in the Umbanda religion

    As in Umbanda religion souls are always evolving, there is no specific rule to follow that in this line only blacks and old people will work, as well as the offerings destined for them.

    Not all “old blacks” like bitter and feijoada coffee, many work with sugarcane juice, coconut water, wine, pure water, honey (cachaça with honey), liqueurs and so on.
    The food is mostly those that are usually made on farms, such as corn cake, angu, rapadura, sugar cane molasses, corn bread, tapioca and so on.

    About old blacks: from the Umbanda religion in Brazil

    Really a table of “Old Black” is very beautiful and abundant, besides having a lot of joy and warmth.

    So open your heart to our dear grandpa and grandma, they fill our lives with peace, faith and hope.

    I am writing this because there are a lot of people who are unfamiliar and are starting to work with these souls not having much knowledge and are concerned about what the soul is going to drink or smoke and etc.

    There are no rules in Umbanda regarding these souls and their working methods. Don’t keep thinking that just because your grandpa doesn’t want to smoke a pipe, people will tell you that you’re not working properly. He may want to smoke a straw cigarette for example.

    Just let it. Take your time! Over time, the souls will tell you what to do.
    It’s slow, it’s slow, who walks with old never got in the way.

    Learn about the Umbanda religion in Brazil

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