Ad Network Themoneytizer Review – Alternatives to Adsense

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  • Is Themoneytizer a good alternative to Google Adsense? Continuing our series of reviews on Ad Networks (Online advertising networks or ad networks), today I’m going to talk a little bit about Themoneytizer.

    As I was always searching the internet to bring relevant content to the regular readers of Portal10.Info, when I came across Themoneytizer website (themoneytizer.com). And as soon as I opened the site, look what a surprise! It has a Portuguese version! Then came the question: Do they also have the Support in Portuguese? That was enough for me to really want to do this test.

    Registration at Themoneytizer:

    So, I promptly filled out the registration that required the following information:

    • Full name;
    • Phone number;
    • Email;
    • Password;
    • Address;
    • City;
    • ZIP (Postcode);
    • Country;
    • And the classic question: How did you meet us?

    After registering, I was given a very simple panel that showed my added site, the settings for the Ads.txt file and also settings for inserting an integrated consent banner.

    After the entire integration process, the dashboard now also shows a chart with Earned Income and a month’s CPM separated by days.

    Themoneytizer Ad Templates:

    As soon as everything was right, I started exploring the nuncio templates to put on the site and were offered:

    • Banners of various sizes;
    • Recommended content,
    • Stick Ads at the top;
    • Stick Ads at the footer;
    • Pop-unders;
    • Video ads, and more…

    With everything set up and the ads already inserted, I started the test and something caught my attention. The dashboard simply did not update the values. I contacted support who informed me that the dashboard would only update once a day and that already made me sad. (Yes, I am anxious).

    Over the days I noticed that the CPM was a little low, especially compared to Google Adsense and other Ad Networks that I had tried (You can see them all by clicking here).

    The test was taking place and I finally got enough to request the payment whose minimum amount is 50.€ (Fifty Euros), and can be requested by bank transfer and Paypal.

    Receiving payment from Themoneytizer:

    I requested payment via Paypal as by bank deposit, transfers are made on the 10th of each month, the transfer time to the account may vary depending on the bank or country, and there was a notice in bold asking to wait at least 5 working days, or 7 working days for bank transfers outside the European Union, for the money to show up in my account.

    In addition, invoices are paid 60 days after they are issued. This means that after the closing of the month in which you managed to collect the minimum payment, you will still have to wait 2 months after the invoice is closed for the payment to be sent.

    Is Themoneytizer Legitimate or Scam?

    Well, after all the waiting the euros were finally sent to my Paypal account and I was able to complete the test with a positive rating for Themoneytizer.

    With this I can say from my experience that Themoneytizer behaved not as a Scam but as a LEGITIMATE company during my tests .

    Ad Network Themoneytizer Review - Alternatives to Adsense

    With this I can affirm from my experience that although the CPM is low and the time to send the payment is very long, the Themoneytizer did not behave like Scam and yes as a LEGITIMATE company during my tests and can receive the seal of legitimacy from portal10.info.

    WordPress Plugin: What you use WordPress for, Themoneytizer also offers a plugin that allows you to integrate ads, view your stats and request new ad formats without leaving your site’s admin panel.

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    Ad Network Themoneytizer Review – Alternatives to Adsense
    Themoneytizer is an alternative to Google Adsense
    Reader Rating0 Votes
    Site in Portuguese
    Support in Portuguese
    Easy registration
    Negative points:
    low CPM
    1st payment delay
    Dashboard takes time to update

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