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  • I’ve been wanting to write about the Adex Network for some time now. A Ad Networks platform (Online advertising networks or ad networks), decentralized. This means that it directly connects publishers (website and blog owners) to advertisers without intermediaries.

    The Adex Network proposal is very interesting, although it is not well known here in Brazil.

    AdEx promises transparency to digital advertising, reducing advertising fraud and protecting end-user privacy. It also claims to help save unnecessary fees by helping advertisers and publishers maximize results and revenue.

    Advantages of the Adex Network:

    Reporting in real time: One of the biggest advantages I noticed early on was its dashboard having verifiable ​​real-time reports.

    No minimum payment: Unlike ALL the ad networks I’ve seen, the AdEx Network doesn’t keep or block your profits. On the dashboard you have access to your total earnings and you can make withdrawals whenever you want, without having to save a minimum amount for it.

    Substitute Banners (Fallback data): When you create a space to show ad on your website/blog, the Adex platform gives you the option to indicate a substitute Banner that will appear if there are no ads available in that space at some point. This means that your space will never be blank.

    Simplified Ad Codes: Many ad networks that are alternatives to Adsense allow for a number of formats that can be harmful to your site in front of Uncle Google. At Adex, the ads are very simple. Image banners and links only. no popunders, redirectors, popups and etc…

    Ad formats available on the platform:

    • Small square – 200×200 px.
    • Square – 250 x 250 px.
    • Banner – 468 x 60 px.
    • Table – 728 x 90 px.
    • Inline rectangle – 300 x 250 px.
    • Large rectangle – 336 x 280 px.
    • Wide skyscraper – 160 x 600 px .
    • Skyscraper – 120 x 600 px.
    • Half page ad – 300 x 600 px.
    • Large header – 970 x 90 px.

    Disadvantages of Adex Network:

    As things are never 100% perfect, the Adex Network also has its downsides.

    No brazilian advertising: In my tests I didn’t identify any brazilian advertiser, any big brand in our country or something like that, that’s a shame, but it can change according to the disclosures of the publishers themselves .

    Payment made in DAI Tokens: In order to provide the withdrawal differential at any time, Adex Network does not work with fiat currencies (Reais, Dollars, Euros, etc..). Advertisers must pay for campaigns using a cryptocurrency called DAI and therefore publishers end up receiving it that way too and this can scare a little those who don’t understand much of this world market. However, it is not difficult to transform this currency into Reais or even dollars if you want, as it is traded directly at Binance is one of the biggest brokers in the world and I plan to write a little about it soon.

    Conclusion on the Adex Network

    I really liked Adex’s proposal and will test it for a while longer before giving my final verdict, as I don’t want to be unfair with such an innovative and current platform.

    If you also want to test to make your own conclusions just go to the Adex adex.network website and register.

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