9 Main Contact Lens Care

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  • The proper use of contact lenses requires a number of basic precautions that must be strictly followed by the wearer, as they may cause unwanted and even dangerous eye complications.

    Here are some important recommendations for contact lens care:

    Handle your contact lenses with strictly clean hands. Handling your lens with dirty hands may contaminate or damage it (and the damage is certain to your health and / or your pocket).

    Wash lenses only with specific products, preferably those recommended by your specialist. No washing the lens with saliva or running water!

    Keep your contact lens case clean. Replace it regularly.

    Remove contact lenses when applying makeup.

    Protect your lenses from chemical, abrasive, greasy etc. such as creams, aerosol products, dust etc.

    When handling the lens over the sink, make sure the drain is plugged. It is common to lose lenses by accidentally falling into the sink drain.

    Avoid handling your lenses with sharp or sharp objects, such as pencil tips, scissors, or even nails.

    In the bath, close your eyes tightly (or when washing your face) to avoid contact of the lens with soap and / or shampoo.

    Follow your doctor’s instructions, including lens replacement time and wearing time instructions. Of all the contact lens care you should have, this one is the most important!

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