The origin of carnival and a vision of Spiritism and Umbanda

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  • About the origin of Carnival

    It is believed that the pagan carnival began when the cult of Dioninium or Bacchus in Greece in the 7th century BC was officialized. They were also called Dionysias or Bacchanals. An unscrupulous cult, with a lot of drink, sex, orgies and primitive all-purpose hype.

    Over the years this cult has only grown and taken more thunderous forms, foreseeing the need for organization the Roman Senate banned the Bacchanals and gradually the theatrical arts was introduced to this cult as a form of organization.

    After some time they had several festivals very similar to Dionysias or Bacchanals, but with cults to other Gods and motifs as diverse as Saturnalia (a worship of the God Saturn or Kronos – God of Agriculture – that preached equality between men), Lupercais in honor of the God Pan (killed the wolf that had suckled the brothers Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome).

    Finally, with the introduction to Christianity one had to include the pagan feast in the Christian calendar as the Feast of the Flesh.

    Do Espiritas / Umbandistas play the carnival?

    We Spiritists know that during the Carnival period we have many negative influences caused by the obsessing spirits that by the low vibrational field attracted by countless people who think that at this time “can everything” as much exaggeration to drinks, drugs, orgies and so on.

    We Umbandaists always make our way to the Exus a few days before Carnival, so they can try to prevent these obsessors from coming along.

    Remembering that it is no use making the firmness thinking that everything is right and go to the “whoring”.

    We mediums have an obligation and commitment to our entities to always help within our limitations, always giving our best.

    We can play the carnival yes, but with responsibility and consistency.

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