The Power of Water – Part I

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  • About the Power of Water:

    What is Fluidified Water?

    Fluidized water is normal water plus healing fluids. In terms of Spiritism, fluidized water means water in which medicated fluids are added to water. It is water magnetized by fluids.

    What are the Types of Water Fluidification?

    • Magnetic Fluidification: It is one in which medicated fluids are added to the water by the magnetic action of the person (incarnate) who places his hands on the container with water and projects his own fluids.
    • Spiritual Fluidication: It is the one in which the spirits apply fluids (without intermediates) directly on the vials with water. In Spiritual Fluidification water receives no magnetic fluids from the incarnate individual, but only those brought by the spirits. Spiritual Fluidification is the most commonly used in Spiritist Centers.
    • Mixed Fluidification: It is a mode of fluidization where the fluids of the incarnate individual are mixed with the fluids brought by the spirits.

    As we have seen, the process of water fluidization is independent of the presence of healing mediums, since spirits can apply the fluids without intermediates directly to the vials with water. Moreover, anyone can fluidize the water, just have faith and concentrate whatever you are doing, thereby projecting your own fluids and receiving the help of the ever-present friendly Spirituality.

    About the Power of Water

    About the Power of Water

    The powers of water are infinite, if we stop to think, in everything there is water, we are made of water, our food, the objects we use, the walls of your home to be built also carried water, if only a little. Water is in everything!

    In the text above it explains very well what fluidization for healing is and how it is done.

    Simply put, anyone being embodied or disembodied can energize water by directing a positive thought, a prayer, that water as a great conductor of energy will receive the emanated energy, store it and whoever consumes it will take the fluids of that prayer.

    Well, if water has the ability to store these positive fluids and makes it reach those who consume it, why not negative fluids? And this is where I want to get!

    Have you ever seen your elders say, “Watch out the walls have ears,” “Don’t take home any annoyance”? Normally, we don’t even know why we say that because they just seem like popular sayings. I’m sure neither your parents or grandparents know, we just listen and repeat.

    But everything has a beginning, a foundation.

    Well, as with everything that is done, there are water molecules, these same molecules store both good and bad things.

    Why is food made with love tastier? Simply because you emanate your good energies into it. We always make food the same way, coffee and so on, and even measuring everything right using the same amount of ingredients, each time the final product comes out with a different taste.


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