How and when will the carnival parade 2021 in Rio de Janeiro

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  • About the Carnival parede 2021 of Rio de Janeiro: After much expectation from revelers not only from Rio de Janeiro, but also from Brazil and the world, finally the Independent League of Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro (LIESA) defined in a drawing the order of the parades of the Special Group’s Samba Schools in the year 2021.

    As previously disclosed, due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, the parades of the samba schools of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro should take place only on July 11 and 12, 2021

    With that, the order of presentation of the 12 Schools that are part of the Special Group of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro was defined in a drawing held in the late afternoon of this Monday, 12/14/2020, in the auditorium of the Independent League of the Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools.

    Order of the carnival parade 2021 in Rio de Janeiro

    How and when will the carnival parade 2021 in Rio de Janeiro

    After the draw was carried out, the order of Sunday’s parade was as follows:

    1. Imperatriz;
    2. Salgueiro;
    3. Mangueira;
    4. Beija-Flor;
    5. Viradouro;
    6. São Clemente

    Two changes took place: Mangueira and Salgueiro reversed their positions. Verde e Rosa took the 2nd order and Vermelho e Branco took the 3rd; Beija-Flor and São Clemente also reversed their positions; Escola de Nilópolis will close the parade on Sunday and the Botafogo Association is now the 4th to perform.

    Soon after, the draw for Monday’s parade was held, whose initial order was defined as follows:

    1. Paraíso do Tuiuti;
    2. Portela;
    3. Unidos da Tijuca;
    4. Mocidade;
    5. Grande Rio;
    6. Vila Isabel.

    There was only one exchange, between Unidos da Tijuca, that had taken the ball and Mocidade.

    After all the final order of the Special Group parades scheduled for July 2021 was changed, it looked like this:

    How and when will the carnival parade 2021 in Rio de Janeiro

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